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10 Ways To Become More Environmentally Conscious

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Over the last couple of decades, as a society, we are becoming more aware of how to protect our environment. From car sharing to recycling, check out our top 10 ways you can become more environmentally friendly today.

In the last couple of decades we are becoming more aware of how to protect our environment as a society. From car shares to recycling, check out our top 10 ways you can become more environmentally friendly today.


Be open to carpooling / car sharing

Do you live near people you work with, or go to school with? Perhaps it’s worth considering sharing lifts with them, or taking it in turns to drive. Not only will this help the planet but it’ll be easier on your bank account too. 


Walk when you can 

If you’re headed somewhere that’s safe to walk and within a 20 minute radius, why not consider walking instead of jumping in the car? Sure, it’s more time consuming but you get the benefits of exercising as well as the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done good for the planet. 


Read, read and read and educate yourself

There are so many articles, books and resources online to help educate you about the importance of caring for our planet. The more you care, the more likely you are to put these positive changes into action.



This is the most obvious one – have a few trash cans, one for regular waste and one for glass and another for plastics/cardboard etc. Make sure you are recycling correctly!


Take your own bags

Whether you’re headed out to the mall, or to your local supermarket, always take a bag with you for anything you may buy. Then you are less likely to use the plastic ones at the checkout. 


Like coffee? Consider a ‘keep cup’…

If you find you’re often stopping by your local cafe shop for a takeaway tea or coffee, it’s worth investing in a reusable cup that you can hand over to the baristas to make your coffee in – less planet wastage! 


Make new habits

Get into a routine of turning the lights off every time you leave the room, turning of the television when you’re not actively watching it and making sure any appliances are turned off if not in use, every little helps!


Participate in a ‘clean up’

Why not look around your local area and take part in beach or park clean-ups, these are quite frequent and a real selfless way to spend your evenings or weekends.


Invest in some metal straws

If you find you use straws a lot at home, there are some great reusable straws you can buy online or from various shops – just pop them in the dishwasher after use and re-use them, it’s less plastic wastage!


Calculate your carbon footprint

There are loads of tools online that you can use to discover your Carbon Footprint in just a few clicks. Our favourite is ( where you can use their clever calculator to figure out your existing Carbon Footprint and then you can focus on reducing that.


Final note…

We hope this offered some insight into ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

– On The Move